Twilight Fan Obsession

Personajes Principales:

  • Bella Swan
  • Edward Cullen
  • Jacob Black
  • Alice Cullen
  • Emmett Cullen
  • Rosalie Hale
  • Jasper Hale

Crepusculo, un amor peligroso

frase semanal:

"La mente domina la materia."

Edward a Bella - Crepúsculo


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fearlesskstew:  kstewartloove:  theperfectedward:  (via imteamkstew)
Awww I wonder what kinds of things Kristen is whispering to him. ;)stewysbomb:  wtfisinnerbeauty:  xsaycyrus:  stewobsession:  stephqueenbee:  quotesandtwilight:  giveabiitchface:  heartkbitch:  tama0026:    Theres nothing you can do that cant be done. Theres nothing you can make that cant be made. No one you can save that cant be saved. Nowhere you can be that isnt where youre meant to be. Love is all you need.
Kristen secretly touching Rob’s elbow. eee (I love how she’s pretending to stretch after touching his elbow.)

 “All I’ve got is his fucking shoes.”
I love the way she looks at him while biting her lips. HOT!
lol she’s so adorable.

What are you doing Rob? Kristen is shaking her head. lol

“Vampires don’t breathe.”
lol she’s so badass.
 Kristen: I’d done it (kissing) with a bunch of guys. He was the last guy that came in. Robert: Get the sloppy seconds. Kristen: Ewww! That’s so gross.
 “Imagine a baby coming out of this? That’s not just gonna happen.”
Keep your hands to yourself Rob. ;)
 e_e their hands….

She makes eating crawfish look hot. ;)
lolllll *excuse me while i try to get my mind out of the gutter*

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